This was supposed to be the year in which the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show made its triumphant return to Madison Square Garden. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic got in the way — again.

But while the setting and the timing remain atypical, a new best-in-show winner will be crowned on Wednesday, ending the run as reigning champion of Wasabi the Pekingese, who seems to be enjoying his retirement — even if he refuses to play fetch.

Originally scheduled for late January in New York City, the annual competition was shifted to June because of a surge in coronavirus cases. And for a second straight year, it will be held at Lyndhurst, a Gothic Revival mansion in Tarrytown, N.Y., rather than the Garden.

The dogs, thus far, do not seem to mind.

Freddie, an Old English sheepdog, got his wiggles out by showing some love for his handler, Mandy Maxwell.

A group of Afghan hounds basked in the outdoor setting, with Lyndhurst providing natural light to make their coats shine.

Storm did not seem as comfortable as the Afghan hounds, but greyhounds do the worrying so other dogs don’t have to.

The dog-related accessories have been in full force in Tarrytown. While an understated earring can be a nice touch, the perfect complement to dog-embroidered jeans is clearly dog-covered clogs.

Family is family as Ferdinand and Venus Fly Trap, a pair of Ibizan hounds, took in the scene with Lucia, a Pharaoh hound. The three were accompanied by their owner, Sarah Murphy.

This is a photo of a dog. Specifically, it is a photo of Buddy, a Briard, being groomed on Monday.

This dog necklace works with a glittery outfit, but would it also work with dog-embroidered pants?

If there isn’t a catchy name for a group of smooth collies, there should be. Tito, Vava, Damnit and Cindy Lou deserve one.

It is hard to be more regal than a group of borzois in formation.

And it hard to be more adorable than an American foxhound.

Looking as good as Iris, however, is not easy. It requires quite a bit of attention, which Olivia Betancourt was happy to provide.

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